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Discounts 1:50 and 1:90 have been extended until 15 September

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Due to the large number of requests from investors and the end of the summer vacation season, we are extending the current terms of the offer «STEP-UP 2021» until 15 September, 23:55 inclusive. Over the next two weeks, you can invest under the offer «STEP-UP 2021» at the discounts 1:50 and 1:90.

The current discounts are valid from 1 September and until 15 September:

– $50 per month by 12-month installment at the discount up to 1:50

– $600 lump payment at the discount 1:50

– $100 per month by 12- month installment at the discount up to 1:90

– $1200 lump payment at the discount 1:90

From 1 up to 15 September, the number of lump-sum investments and open installments with the current discount of 1:50 and 1:90 is unlimited.
The discounts 1:50 and 1:90 are fixed for the whole period of the installment payment.

You will be able to continue paying your open installments at the discounts 1:50 or 1:90 even when the stage changes.

Before investing at the high discount, you can read the detailed terms of the offer «STEP-UP 2021» 

«STEP-UP 2021» and the course from the sales specialist Michael Bang

You can get a new course on negotiation skills for free after using the offer «STEP-UP 2021» and making $300 by installment or making $600 or $1200 lump-sum investments.

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