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How to negotiate with the client: a new course in the personal office

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Dear investors and partners of the project!

In the «Training» section, there is available a new course «5-Star Sales System» about how to professionally negotiate with the client. At this course, you will learn how to make a convincing product presentation and to handle objections like «It's expensive»or «I want to think about it».

You will get

  • 54 video lessons in Russian and English
  • More than 5 hours of training material
  • Workbook

The courses is conducted by Michael Bang – the world famous business coach with thirty years of sales experience. Michael has conducted more than 800 training sessions around the world and taught effective sales to more than 70,000 students. He has consulted the employees of the technology giants Toyota, Renault, Panasonic, as well as the specialists from food corporations Heineken and Nestle.

Here are the topics of some lessons for you to be able to appreciate the diversity and usefulness of the course:

  1. We start looking for potential customers
  2. How to increase your contact network?
  3. How to present yourself to a client correctly?
  4. How to look for lucrative clients?
  5. How to gain trust from a client?
  6. 3 types of questions to a client
  7. Clients' problems and goals
  8. 4 factors that affect questions to the client
  9. How to present a product convincingly?
  10.  3 components of an effective presentation
  11.  How to distinguish between product properties and usefulness?
  12.  How to finish a presentation?
  13. How to handle objections?
  14.  Making a list of objections
  15.  The objection «It's expensive» 
  16.  The Objection «I want to think about it…»
  17. How to close a deal?
  18.  Writing down questions for two types of deals
  19.  How to create a competitive sales team?

How to get the course?

You can get the course if

  • You have invested by installments «STEP-UP 2021» and you have invested at least $300 or have made any lump investment under the offer «STEP-UP 2021».


  • You have reached Master status or higher in our partner program.

After the course, you will be able to become a competitive salesperson with international skills to work more effectively with investors and SWC partners! The full course description is in section «Training».

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