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Special offer «STEP-UP 2021» has been extended on new terms!

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Good news for all those who have not managed to invest at the offer «STEP-UP 2021»: The offer has been prolonged for two months, until 31 August!

The terms of the offer remain the same, except for the discounts. Now, the offers are available with the following discounts:

– $50 per month by installments for 12 months with the discount up to 1:50

– $600 by lump sum payment with the discount 1:50

– $100 per month by installments for 12 months with a discount up to 1:90

– 1200$ by lump sum payment with the discount 1:90

Up to 31 August, the number of lump investments and open installments on the offer «STEP-UP 2021» is also unlimited. The discounts 1:90 and 1:50 are fixed for the whole period of the installment payments. Even if the stage changes, you will continue to pay the open installment with the discount of 1:90 or 1:50.

The detailed investment terms on the offer «STEP-UP 2021» are described here.

The last time, such high discounts were at the previous stages, when the investment risks were much higher. Take advantage of the extra time to register a package with the unique discount for this stage and bring the commercial implementation of the SkyWay project closer. 

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