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The SkyWay project specialists took part in MTRIZ training

Микроразметка статьи

The SkyWay project specialists took part in the training of Professor Mikhail Orlov, scientific director of the MTRIZ Academy. We remind you, that MTRIZ is a modern theory of solving inventive problems, which is being developed by Mikhail Alexandrovich.

More than 130 people participated in the weekly training. The meetings were held in the hall of «National» President Hotel in Belarus. At the end of the training, the participants were able to apply theories of inventive problem solving on the example of the string transport technology.

The participants of the training received a set of working materials and a limited edition of the book «Blitz-TRIZ» under the adopted name «SkyWay Express-TRIZ». The licensed edition of the wall poster «TRIZ Idea Navigator» was also passed on to the company divisions.

We have already told you earlier that Mikhail Aleksandrovich Orlov visited the company-developer of the string transport and met with the General Designer Anatoli Unitsky.

See the photo report on how the training with Mikhail Alexandrovich went:


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