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SWC blog: more than just news

Микроразметка статьи

Why do we need a blog?

On 5 December 2019, the SkyWay project moved to the 14th stage of development and was one step closer to completing the funding plan.  Every year, the company creates and tests new modes of transport, expands production facilities and works with new customers.   The string technology is attracting more and more attention from the media, scientists and promising investors.  To answer popular questions, we are launching a blog.   

Why do YOU need this blog?  

In the blog, you can find out the details about the project, which are not told at presentations and in advertising.  

We will answer your questions, explain complicated terms and destroy popular myths.  Instead of general words, you will get the articles that solve specific problems:  how to choose a project for investment, how to increase your dividends and what an ordinary person can do for the environment.    

What are the rules of the game?    

All materials in the blog will be divided into rubrics.  You'll get to know not only about technologies and innovations, but also how to distinguish stocks from bonds, and what is said about SkyWay around the world. Here are our rubrics:

SkyWay Technologies.  We'll tell you in details about why SkyWay is "string" transport, where the driver has disappeared to, and why we need hydrogen fuel.

Investment and finance.  You'll understand why everyone is talking about crowdfunding, how to invest wisely and make your own financial decisions. 

Transport today.  We' ll tell you about the main problems of transport in the world;   why it is better to move from a private car to a tram and bus; and why bicycle lanes are more important than six-lane roads. 

Ecology.  You will get to know why it is important to go to the store with your bag and create transport that is safe for nature. 

Special opinion. We'll share with you what scientists, engineers and politicians from around the world think about the SkyWay project.   

Please read the first article in the blog by link.

Please offer your topics, questions and stories at [email protected].  We will discuss them.

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