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Less than 24 hours left before moving to stage 14.1

Микроразметка статьи

SkyWay announces the completion of the 13th stage of development. Transition to a new stage will take place on 5 December at 23:59 Moscow time. There will be the discount reduction of the company's shares during the change of stage.

At the 13th stage period, SkyWay has modernised its production: new workshops were built, and modern machines installed. The project became an expert in the UN's «Sustainable Development Goals» programme. The SkyWay cargo complex has been brought to the completion at the EcoTechnoPark. In the UAE, there has begun the construction of the innovative centre with three flyovers, where commissioning works have already been completed.

Since SkyWay was founded four years ago, the project has gained international fame. The EcoTechnoPark Test Centre is regularly visited by delegations from other countries. The string technologies can be seen at the international transport exhibitions.

With each new stage the project attracts more and more attention from promising investors. Therefore, the 14th stage will be broken down into several sub-stages, which will allow to gradually reduce the discount.

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