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Office Life magazine about the work of the EcoTechnoPark

Микроразметка статьи

The Office Life magazine has published the SkyWay article about the EcoTechnoPark. The specialists of the company told not only about the testing ground, but also about the people who work there.    

EcoTechnoPark has employees who work there all the time. They monitor bench and field tests, help to set up string transport' operations and create the conditions for certification.

Since the string transport is controlled by artificial intelligence, there are many IT-specialists working at the EcoTechnoPark. They teach transport modules how to recognize obstacles on the way and react to them correctly. The data, collected by the EcoTechnoPark IT specialists, is processed on the spot or transferred to the specialists in Minsk.

It is the EcoTechnoPark that allows the project to maintain its uniqueness in the transport market:

«What sets «the String technologies» apart from others is the ability to stay in harmony with nature, despite the rhythm of life in the modern world».


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