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«New School» of urban planning in Nizhny Novgorod

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Last week we already mentioned the cooperation of Unitski Technologies Co. with Russian universities, whose students choose the topic of the string transport and its integration into the urban environment for writing their scientific papers. Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (NGASU) has even included the SkyWay's transport and infrastructure systems in the list of final control works. Vladimir Yershov, Associate Professor of the Department of Architecture of NGASU told the following about it:

«The modern approach to the development of urban transport infrastructure at the current rate of urbanization inevitably leads us to an abyss. Due to the ever-increasing number of cars, the city will simply be stuck in traffic jams. In many megacities we are already experiencing this: traffic jams have become a part of life with all the consequences that follow: stress, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disease, etc. Anatoli Unitsky was not the first one who thought about solving the transport problem, but his ideas about bringing transport to the second level and rebuilding cities have found a resonance in me. Unitsky offers a solution that is able not only reduce the negative impact of civilization, but also to create conditions for the harmonious neighborhood of man and nature.

I first heard about SkyWay in 2016, this idea seemed to be interesting and at the same time unusual, but feasible, so I made a decision for myself and from a simple observer became a member of the project. I was pleasantly surprised at how many talented and extraordinary people this project combined. Around the same time, I started introducing my students to the SkyWay technology solutions, major infrastructure facilities, and the architecture of linear cities – SkyCity.

The theme of the linear city quickly won the minds of the university teachers and students, and since 2018, the string transport has been included in the list of topics for graduate students. Of course, that's another thing to be proud of. It can be said that we, like Anatoli Eduardovich, are creating a new school for understanding transport problems, life and functioning of the city. My colleagues also share my interest in the project. Associate Professor of the Department of Architecture, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Marina Ryskulova and Professor, Head of the Department of Building Structures, Candidate of Technical Sciences Alexander Ivanovich Kolesov are among them.

To date, Nizhny Novgorod state University of Architecture and Construction and Unitski Technologies Co. has a Cooperation Agreement. I hope that it will become a solid foundation for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. And it's not just that. Sooner or later, SkyWay transport technologies and systems will come to Nizhny Novgorod. By this time, as many people as possible should be introduced to the string transport, and as many young construction professionals as possible should be trained, - the ones who understand the subject matter and are ready to quickly switch over to the construction of SW-lines and SW infrastructure after the appropriate additional training».

This is not an isolated case, when in the scientific community SkyWay is considered as a new approach to the organization of the infrastructure of the city. Earlier, we shared with you the excerpts from the report «Spatial Solutions in the Historical Centre of the City (prepared for the discussion about the 300th anniversary of Ekaterinburg)» by V.V. Litovskiy, Doctor of Geography, Head of the Sector of Productive Forces Placement and Territorial Planning of the Institute of Economics, Which is a Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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