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EcoFest 2019 Video Review

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On August 17, 2019, Belarus hosted an annual event dedicated to high technologies, innovations and ecology – EcoFest 2019. For the fourth time SkyWay EcoTechnoPark gathered guests from nearly 50 countries — a record 5,500 people, And the number of reviews of the official event on YouTube already exceeded far over 40,000. Since the beginning of the presentation the guests of the event shared their impressions on social networks.

The most anticipated event in the program of the event was the speech by the General designer and SkyWay author Anatoly Yunitsky and the subsequent conference in «question-answer» format. In his report Dr. Yunitsky traditionally summed up the results of the Company’s development over the year, commented on the key events in the project’s life, and outlined the strategy for further SkyWay development.

All guests of the festival were able to try out string vehicles in operation: unicar, bi-rail and 14-seat unibuses. The guests were convinced of its safety, comfort and innovation with personal experience.

The event received media coverage. RBC film crew have made a detailed report from EcoFest and talked to the General designer Anatoly Yunitsky and General director Nadezhda Kosareva, «Komsomolskaya Pravda» also prepared its review of the event.

Participant of EcoFest 2019 supported the initiative of the organizers to create a special Bank of live soils and soil microorganisms, bringing with them samples of land from 90 regions of the world. It will be used to create a unique relic humus, which is capable to restore any type of soil, including desert sands.

The festival created such an atmosphere that all its participants could feel like residents of the city of the future, where opportunities are realized and dreams come true, see how nature and transport can coexist harmoniously, how to correct the current environmental situation and introduce reasonable use of land.

EcoFest 2019 became a new milestone in the development of SkyWay technology and demonstrated the vector of its further development to thousands of project partners from all over the world. This means that we will meet in a year to impress the guests to EcoFest 2020 with new achievements!

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