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SkyWay soil bank is replenished with 90 samples: Thanks to the guests of EcoFest!

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A month before conduction of EcoFest 2019, the organizers asked guests to bring 2–3 kilograms of soil from their regions for a special bank of live soils and soil microorganisms, that is located in the territory of EcoTechnoPark. This soil will help in creation of relic humus - the organic substance of a soil, that could be used for recovering of any types of soils, including desert sands.

Around a thousand of types of valuable groups of soil microorganisms were identified from the soil samples from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia today at the SkyWay Technologies Co. laboratory. They are already being used to produce humus.

EcoFest guests have brought around 90 soil samples from 16 countries of the world: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Germany, Latvia and USA.

What are these samples for?

Anatoly Yunitsky has developed a technology that allows to combine power engineering with chemistry and biology to increase the amount of natural substances and organisms. So, if you combine the industrial production of relic humus from brown coal and shale with power generation, you can get the necessary amount of raw materials for the revival of soil fertility. And if you also transform power generation, you will be able to minimize its harmful impact on the environment.

For example, the waste from the combustion of coal at TPP will be used for the production of humus, which will be added to the soil around and ensure its fertility. A thermal waste will be directed to heating of agricultural greenhouses. Thus, it will be possible to use traditional coal-fired power plants to make centers of blooming oases, where infrastructure will be served with SkyWay transport systems.

It is not just original environmental solution, but also an ambitious business-project worth hundreds of billions dollars. In the future, when the need for transport of the past generation finally disappears, the technologies developed by SkyWay will allow to free and restore the dead land buried under asphalt and rails by people. Giving nature more than we are forced to take from it is one of the basic principles of Anatoly Yunitski's ideology and SkyWay.

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