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The upcoming EcoFest was written about in the Belorussian publication «Belarus Today»

Микроразметка статьи

The Belorussian socio-political newspaper «Belarus Today» published an article about the string transport with the title «Get Acquainted with the New Word – EcoFest!».

The article gives a brief history of SkyWay and details the most important news of the project. The main topic of the article was the upcoming EcoFest, which will be held on 17 August on the territory of the string testing centre in Maryina Gorka.

«As we found out, the fourth EcoFest will be special. Each participant will be able to ride the string transport. The company will demonstrate the work of all major components of the system. Everything will work as usual, almost as if it were on commercial routes. There will be presented a number of vehicles and the automated intelligent system, operating each SkyWay module. This system has technical vision, which with the help of sensors allows the vehicle to move in a stream of other cars in an accident-free mode.»

As the main source of information about the upcoming EcoFest, «Belarus Today» quotes Anatoliy Yunitskiy, the founder of the SkyWay technology:

«In addition, we're going to open the veil over the innovations that are conquering the Middle East today – over everything what we are doing in Sharjah, Dubai, other cities and countries of the region. People from all over the world will come to us to see the future. And, of course, no matter what I say now, no matter what the expectations of those who come to us are, the reality is always brighter and fuller. So, do come and get inspiration, impressions and emotions, and answers to your questions. We are waiting for everyone and are actively preparing to show the best, in our opinion, what is created today in the field of transport. It is the safest transport in the world, the most environmentally friendly, the most efficient, and it should be the world over.»

You can read the original publication here.

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