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The Investor has been creating SkyWay videos and wrote a touching letter to Anatoliy Yunitskiy

Микроразметка статьи

String transport proponents often share their stories and impressions of the project in social networks and emails. The inventor of the string transport Anatoliy Yunitskiy has recently received such a letter.

(We cite the text of the letter without changes).

 «Dear Anatoliy Eduardovich, I wish you long life. My name is Sinichkin Pyotr Ivanovich, and I have been a shareholder of the company since May 2015. I want to express to you a huge gratitude for your aspiration and perseverance in the work of your life. I love your life's work, which we, I have no doubt, will bring to a logical realization. And my love is expressed not only in the financial support of the project, but also in the popularization of the technology, while creating video clips on the SW topic. Maybe, you would want to see them, as I am putting my heart and soul when making them?… Since I won't be able to come to the EcoFest, I'm sending my question to your e-mail. The company's plans for the development of the near-Earth space are enormous. We are well aware that this will take a lot of time and money. We also understand that we are neither young nor eternal. We sincerely wish you long life and good health to fulfill your mission... Build SkyWay and Save the Planet»!

Pyotr Ivanovich's creativity and the words of support touched General Designer, who credited the investor with 25 000 shares from his own funds. The quality of Pyotr Ivanovich's work shows that he has made a detailed study of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV) project and made his video clips with respect to the original source.

We congratulate Pyotr Ivanovich Sinichkin on his well-deserved award. His example once again proves the sincere approach of SkyWay supporters to the promotion of the project.

If you have an interesting story about how you tell people about the string transport project, please send it to [email protected]. We will select the best stories and publish them on our resources.

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