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«String Transport Systems: On the Earth and in Space»: new edition

Микроразметка статьи

On 16 April, in Minsk, there has taken place a presentation of the monograph reprint «String Transport Systems: On the Earth and in Space». In this work, its author Anatoliy Yunitskiy, General Designer of CJSC «String Technologies» expounds the fundamental laws and principles that underlie the concept of the string transport. The book has already been reprinted a few times, but its main ideas have not changed.

The review of the book was published by «Komsomolskaya Pravda», the regular information partner of the SkyWay project. The authors of the review highlighted the relevance of the space theme for modern science and technology:

«String Transport Systems: On the Earth and in Space» is Anatoliy Yunitskiy's manifesto. He details the basics of his theory and talks about the science behind the string transport and the concept of the General Planetary Vehicle in his monograph. For the first time, the monograph was published back in 1995, and since then, in the new editions, there have been added only fresh details about the implementation of the ideas outlined in it. The theory is being tested and held up by practice: the string roads have already been built and tested, the range of the transport modules is constantly growing: perhaps, the testing of Yunitskiy’s space concept is not far off. Such developments attract more and more attention. For example, in Japan, there was announced about the construction of a space lift, and in the United States, several companies are working on reusable rockets. In general, cosmos has come back in favour.

The presentation of the new edition of the monograph was held on the anniversary of its author: оn 16 April, Anatoliy Yunitskiy turned seventy years old. More than one hundred colleagues and like-minded people gathered to congratulate Anatoliy Eduardovich on the jubilee.

Among the guests, there were the leaders of SkyWay investment funds, the top management of the string transport company CJSC «String Technologies», friends and team-mates of the engineer.

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