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SkyWay String Bridge and its specifics

Микроразметка статьи

One of the projects of CJSC «String Technologies» is a string bridge, an innovative solution for the design and construction of road, railway and pedestrian bridges, overpasses, flyovers and other extensive transport facilities.

The current characteristics of the string bridge fully comply with existing international standards, such as the provisions of the Russian Federation (Building Regulations and Rules 2.05.03-84 * «Bridges and Pipes», II-23-81 «Steel Structures»), the Project of European Standards (ENV) and the new US Bridge Standards (AASHTO).

The SkyWay technology allows to eliminate temperature joints throughout the structures, which increases their evenness, strength and durability, reduces material consumption by several times, lowing the cost of the structures.

“Exhibition Model of the String Flyover“ is a technical name of the string bridge at the EcoTechnoPark.

The string bridge is for demonstration of the alternative application of the string communication systems and for testing the components of the string track using a coiled tubing pipe as the main carrier.

The bridge, representing a span of metal structures with two anchor units at the edges and two intermediate supports, is not far from the guest house on the territory of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. The span of intermediate supports is 10/30/10 m.

The string bridges are almost the same in the exterior as the traditional ones, since the innovative solutions are hidden inside the structure.


See the interview with Alexander Miguel's, Leading Design Engineer of DB «Тransport Flyover» at CJSC «String Technologies» to get to know more about these solutions.


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