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Room Journal Published Anatoliy Yunitskiy's Open Letter to Bezos and Musk

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In the spring issue of Room, an English language magazine about space, there was published Anatoliy Yunitskiy's Open Letter to entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. For the first time, this Letter was published in the middle of December on the official site of the SkyWay project.

The Room journal is a platform where space industry professionals share their ideas and draw attention to the problems of space exploration. Among the topics of the publication in which Anatoliy Yunitskiy's Letter was published, there are such ones as outer space pollution, space economics, new developments in the field of rocket cosmonautics, astronomy and space law issues.

Over the past ten years, humanity has returned to the topic of space exploration: In Japan, a space lift is going to be built; in the USA, there are being created reusable rockets, and free satellite Internet is being launched. Roscosmos, NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin and other «players» of the aerospace market are looking for ways for humanity's full-scale entering space. Anatoliy Yunitskiy offers an effective solution for achieving this goal with the SpaceWay project.

The Room journal publication with Anatoliy Yunitskiy's Open Letter can be found following the link.

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