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Critics of SkyWay from the Lombardy region were invited to visit the production site of the string transport

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A week ago, the SkyWay information service spoke about the criticism of the project in the Italian region of Lombardy. Today, the answer was heard by the Skyway critics, who studied the current presentation materials of the project.

However, comments from the main opponent of SkyWay (we do not mention names, so as not to create an information occasion) remained critical. Here is part of the note recently published in the Italian press:

 “Io però al momento non posso dire che si tratti di una truffa: la tecnologia proposta potrebbe anche esistere. Certo un conto è applicarla in un parco tematico e un altro in una città.“

(«However at this point, I can't say it's a scam: the proposed technology may exist. But it's one thing to use it in a theme Park, and another – in the city».)

In connection with that, the SkyWay management officially invited all interested and involved in this issue people to Belarus (in other words, the delegation of the government of the Lombardy region) to visit the design bureaux and production of CJSC «String technologies», to communicate with the General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy and the company's employees, to familiarize themselves with the existing documentation, for the invited guests to see the reality of the technology and to get answers to all their questions.

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