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Anatoliy Yunitskiy about SkyWay: «Thinking logically, brought me to creating the optimal transport»

Микроразметка статьи

In April 2019, there will take place the presentation of the new edition of Anatoliy Yunitskiy's monograph «String Transport Systems: On Earth and in Space» in Russian and English languages.

The results of research in the field of transport, achieved by the author over decades of work on the project are kept track in the book. The book gives a detailed justification and calculations on the concept of the unique astroengineered vehicle capable of weight-lifting into orbit millions of tons of payload for each flight, as well as the principles of SkyWay transport systems functioning.

Today, Yunitskiy's string transport has moved from the field of theoretical knowledge to the practical sphere: in addition to the existing industrial models of the innovative transport,there was created a design school, organized the pilot production, and the SkyWay company-developer reached agreements at the international level.

In our new video We are briefly presenting the basis of Anatoliy Yunitskiy's string transport systems and the SkyWay technology advantages in comparison with existing modes of transport.

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