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What to wait from the Uniwind?

Микроразметка статьи

The development of new types of the SkyWay rolling stock and transport complexes continues. Our today's story is about the Uniwind: a suspended automatic passenger vehicle of the SkyWay rail-string transport system, or U4-651.

The purpose of the development was the creation of a lightweight modular suspended monorail passenger vehicle, designed for simultaneous transportation of two people and/or cargoes within the permissible capacity and volume of the module on urban and suburban routes of the monorail track of the rail-string flexible road with continuous circular or pendulum movement.

The new development will be most in demand in sparsely populated remote areas with severe climatic conditions without developed infrastructure, and can also be used as a basic vehicle to create a line of monorail vehicles with replaceable modules to provide passenger and cargo transportation.

The competitive advantages of the Uniwind are as follows:

  • high reliability, achieved by full duplication of the movement providing systems, including traction drive and power supply system;
  • versatility and width of application, achieved by the possibility of using replaceable modules of various purposes: from budget for regional specialized application to individual personal one for business transportation;
  • high consumer qualities, achieved, for example, by the presence of a wide list of optional versions: from the choice of entertainment systems to the choice of the type of glazing;
  • high operational features, achieved, in particular, by the use of adjustable independent suspension, increased capacity of the drive, as well as low operating costs;
  • low requirements for the infrastructure of the region of coverage;
  • simplicity and cheapness of the track structure.

You can get to know more about all that, about the development phase of this engineering design and upcoming certification in the proposed video interview with the leading specialist responsible for the new transport vehicle's layout Victor Garakh, the Head of the Design Bureau of «Layout» of the CJSC «String Technologies».

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