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Futurism.com: what if space transport will become«multiple» one?

Микроразметка статьи

The development of the General Planetary Vehicle is one of the strategic challenges facing SkyWay. The development of a large-scale network of string roads, which has already begun within the framework of the Belorussian EcoTechnoPark and projects in Dubai and Sharjah, was the first step towards the implementation of this large-scale project.

The relevance of the development and construction of GPV is confirmed by the fact that even experts in the field of space, such as NASA, talk about a serious threat of the rocket astronautics to the environment. At extremely low efficiency, rocket launches cause significant damage to the ozone layer of the Earth. With only two launches per month by SpaceX alone, the total CO2 emissions could be up to 4,400 tons per year. In this case, the payload of the rocket is only 4.5% of the total mass of the vehicle (Falcon Heavy).

 We have told the reputable American site on science and technology Futurism.com about the alternative to rocket space exploration, developed by Anatoliy Yunitskiy. The team of the portal studied our point of view, conducted its own research and came to the same conclusions as the supporters of the construction of the General Planetary Vehicle: rockets are currently developing actively, however, in the very principle of their work, there is a threat to the environment and economic inefficiency.

In some aspects, American journalists still do not fully agree with Anatoliy Uunitskiy's point of view. They question the necessity of realization of large space projects, which require considerable resources for solving pressing problems. Nevertheless, they raised an important, defining question about the prospects of the GPV's construction:

«If the final product can replace all the rockets we are preparing for launching within the frame of the space industry of the future, it is possible to invest in a single, non-fossil fuel transportation system; it is worth it».

The full text of the article in Russian can be read at the link.

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