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Welcome the Unicar in the tropical version!

Микроразметка статьи

Under the leadership of the General Designer of CJSC «String Technologies» Anatoliy Unitskiy, the specialists of the company are carrying out the unique in its complexity work in the framework of the project of the string transport construction in the Innovative Research Technology Park of Sharjah (UAE), the Silicon valley of the Middle East.

The whole SkyWay transport and infrastructure complex will be presented in Sharjah, but today we will focus only on the rolling stock, the first of the eight types, which will soon be ready for operation in the tropics.

So, welcome the Unicar U4-431-01, or Unicar-T. «Т» in the name means that it is designed specifically for the tropical climatic conditions of the SkyWay Innovation Centre in Sharjah.

 The Unicar-T will have a number of improvements:

  • The maximum operating temperature will increase from +40 up to +60 °C;
  • The interior temperature will be maintained at +20-23 °C;
  • There is provided the duplication of all systems: two climate control units, two cooling systems, two batteries, two ways of charging – a socket and current collector;
  • there is the upgraded braking system;
  • the hydraulic suspension;
  • more powerful electric motors;
  • the improved door drive;
  • the improved technical vision system;
  • In the VIP lounge: there are 4 seats (there were 6 seats), two leather VIP-chairs, two small folding seats (for the staff), a folding table, a TV set with a 32-inch screen, a refrigerator, glass-holders, more powerful speakers;
  • double-glazed windows;
  • the exits are on both sides.

About the rest, you will get to know from the interview with the Head of the Rolling Stock of CJSC "String Technologies" Andrey Zaitsev.

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