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Office Life: Belorussians in the Arab «Silicon Valley»

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In the new article in Office Life journal, the permanent information partner of the SkyWay project, there was informed about the successes of the engineers of CJSC »String Technologies» in Belarus and the prospects of the string transport in the United Arab Emirates:

 «After numerous exhibitions and representative visits to the test site ofthe project - EcoTechnoPark, during which the Belarusian novelty was examined under a magnifying glass, the project received an offer that could be hardly refused: the SkyWay transport has obtained a place at the Sharjah Innovation Technology Park in the United Arab Emirates. For people who follow the news of the technology world, the UAE has already managed toearn the glory of a new Silicon Valley: the most daring projects find support there - from flying taxis to block-chain startups».

You can read the full version of the article,following the link

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