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Myfin.by: SkyWay – are professionals with excellent education

Микроразметка статьи

The largest Belorussian Internet platform about the finances and busuness Myfin.byhas posted the article, in which it told its audience about the peculiarities of selecting staff for the work in SkyWay.

According to the publication, in Belarus there is no specific university program of training specialists for the string transport. The tasks that string transport developers have to face are unique, so the company pays special attention to the development of its employees, to their ability to make non-standard decisions.

«In « the string technologies» there is applied the special program software of the industry 4.0, which can be handled by few specialists in Belarus. Therefore, after the newcomer joins the company, he/she still needs to take «a special training course», during which a person gains skills in the general digital environment of a development. (…) In the company, training is paid a lot of attention to: there are courses of the English language, that became the usual practice for metropolitan companies; and other, more unusual programs, which are conducted in cooperation with educational centres»

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