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We introduce new investment opportunities: the RCG Fund

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The Royal Capital Group (RCG) Fund is registered in the most popular and proven jurisdiction among investment funds: in the Cayman Islands. 60% of investment funds around the world are registered there, which makes this jurisdiction the most popular for investment operations.

The Royal Capital Group has been created to attract investment in the SkyWay innovative transport systems.

What is the peculiarity of the Fund?

Any transaction in the RCG Fund is verified by independent international organizations.This guarantees investors maximum security of investment transactions.

  • The Fund will be audited annually by one of the 4 largest auditors in the world: KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young или PwC;
  • The licensed administrator Amicorp verifies each transaction of the Fund. It checks the Fund's counterparties, verifies investors, performs annual revaluation of the Fund's assets and prepares financial statements;
  • The Fund operates in a closed format. Mass advertising to attract investors to the Fund is prohibited.

What opportunities does the RCG open for investors?

  • The RCG Fund allows investors to invest large amounts in a single transaction. The upper limit of investments through the RCG Fund is unlimited. The minimum amount of the investment package in the RCG is 10 000 Euro;
  • The Fund has the right to issue its own shares, secured by the Fund's assets, i.e. GTI shares;
  • As a resident of the Cayman Islands, the RCG Fund may enter the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (Cayman Islands Stock Exchange) without lengthy legal approvals.

Read more about the conditions of investment in theRoyal Capital Group Fund on a special page in your office.

This announcement is for news purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or advertising for financial services.

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