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Anatoliy Yunitskiy: «We always welcome young and prospective employees»

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General Designer of CJSC "String Technologies" Anatoliy Yunitskiy received a letter from an 11-grade student from Moscow last week. In the letter, the young man told A.Yunitskiy about his interest in the string transport and his desire to do traineeships and to work in the company in the future.

We are publishing the letter and Anatoliy Eduardovich’s answer: 

The Open Letter to A.E. Yunitskiy.

My greetings to you, dear Anatoliy Eduardovich! My name is Chentsov Alexander, and I am a 17-year old grader of the physical-mathematical class of the Moscow Gymnasium 1567. I am a student of 11th form now. I am keen on information technologies and engineering, and I am a SkyWay project investor. A year ago, I got interested in your idea, which is a combination of eco-friendly subway, cable cars and railways. I liked the fact that the technology is developing in several directions: passenger transportation and cargo transportation. I would like to work with the team on this project in the future, but for this, I should understand in what exactly direction I would better move on in order to be demanded specialist of the SkyWay company in the future.

Recently, I got to know about your decision to build your university in the UAE. I would like to get to know more about your plans in this direction.

When will it be built and what are the entry requirements?

At the end of the school year, I consider to enter the following institutes: Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman, Higher School of Economics, or Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I believe that highly skilled personnel are always required by any science-intensive production, and the graduates of these universities are first-class specialists.

Will this level of knowledge be enough to work in SkyWay?

Does your company have targeted training for prospective students?

Is there a system of labor contracts on hold?

Is it possible to do the traineeships in SkyWay while studying at the Institute?

Is there any current work with schoolchildren and students at the EcoTechnoPark in Belarus?

About myself: In parallel with studying at school, I study at the Correspondence Physics and Technical School at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (I am going to finish it with with distinction). At school, I attend special courses on 3d-modeling and work with Raspberry PI in the Python languagе. Аt home I do modding of various things with my hands (for example, bicycle backlight). I have studied the bases of QBASIC, C++, made on them the programs on informatics with physical content; and at present, have gathered a team of three people, and we are mastering the Web design: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc..I regularly take part in physical and mathematical Olympiads, am fond of hikes, football, volleyball and cycling, I lead an active way of life.

Sincerely, Chentsov Alexander Borisovich

Anatoliy Yunitskiy's answer:

Good afternoon, Alexander!

I greet you on behalf of the CJSC «String Technologies». I was happy to get to know about Your interest in the string transport, to which I have devoted most of my life.

Our team now unites more than 700 highly qualified specialists. At CJSC «String Technologies» with the Head office in Minsk, there are working professionals of different profile, the vast majority of whom – are engineers-designers, which are engaged in development of the rail-string transport flyovers, wheeled rolling stock and infrastructure of «the second level», and also projectors, architects, designers, technologists. Therefore, the backbone of our team – are graduates of technical universities.

We are also interested in experts in the field of IT and artificial intelligence. In particular, in our company, they are engaged in computer vision and development of intelligent management systems; in the future, the list of their possible applications will be expanded.

Therefore, if you decide to choose one of these directions as your future profession (in any of the universities named by you), we are ready to consider your candidacy as a potential participant of our team. However, the final decision will depend on the results of your studies, on the desire to create something new for future generations and change the world for the better. Depending on your knowledge and skills, we can give more detailed recommendations on the study of disciplines that could be useful for further development in the field of the string transport.

We always welcome young and perspective personnel who are able to think outside the box and offer fundamentally new technical solutions. Today, we have three students from different universities who were doing traineeships in our company and subsequently became the full-fledged employees.

Currently, the Group of SkyWay Companies has started the construction of SkyWay Innovation Centre in the United Arab Emirates, and our own scientific base will become the necessary part of it. In the framework of the formation of this base in the next three years, there is planned the establishment of the specialized university in the UAE. It will become a place of training of specialized specialists for the design, construction and operation of the SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes worldwide. We plan this university to be the targeted training of students on the basis of our own educational institution.

With regard to the system of the employment contracts on hold, we can revert to this issue when you are the second-year student of the university. At this point, you will be looking for the place for the traineeship, and if you want to do it in our company, we will be happy to consider your candidacy.

In part of work with schoolchildren and students, we inform that in 2018, there were organized the presentations of our company for students in a number of technical universities of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, in 2017, there was organized a lecture for the representatives of the leading transport universities of Belarus: Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) and Belarusian State University of Transport (BelGut). In the future, the practice of excursions and lectures in Ecotechnopark for schoolchildren and students will be continued.

Our company intends to change the world and create a new future for our planet on the basis of the new technologies. Achieving this goal is impossible without the involvement of talented people from around the world. Therefore, we strive to build a long-term system of the personnel reserve formation which will include both, attracting highly skilled professionals, and the best young experts, starting from school and high schools. This is the only way we can save the planet together.


 Sincerely yours,

SkyWay General Designer

Anatoliy Yunitskiy

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