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What Is Intellectual Terrorism?

Микроразметка статьи

The ratio of the number of SkyWay project allies and its opponents is constantly changing in favor of the first ones. To doubt the feasibility of the Skyway transport is gradually becoming more and more difficult; mostly notorious skeptics and people for whom to admit that they were wrong is an image disaster, are the ones who resist.  Professor of Engineering, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Zylev is among the latter. Since 2006, he has been consistently trying to harm SkyWay with his statements. Not so long ago, he even recorded a blog in which he talks about the results of the string transport expertise conducted ten years ago.

Weak minds may think that MIIT Professor cannot make mistakes: on the contrary, the number of mistakes in  Vladimir Zylev's comments is through the roof. In order to tell about them in detail, and finally finish the useless skirmish, the SkyWay information service asked the person, who is better than others familiar with the history of confrontation with MIIT, and with the peculiarities of calculations of the string transport systems, to comment on the video.

In the detailed video analysis from the General Designer of CJSC "String Technologies" Anatoliy Yunitskiy, you can get to know about what intellectual terrorism is and how the plane differs from a brick.

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