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23 November 2018. On 23 November 2018, in Moscow,there took place the 4th International Forum "Green Logistics: Ideas, Practice, Perspectives"to familiarize participants with new and environmentally friendly technologies.  Of course, such an event was not without the participation of CJSC "String Technologies", which develops ecologically clean transport and infrastructural complexes of the future.

The main issues discussed in the first half of the event were the imperfection of the state regulation systems of maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants in the water and air, ecoactivism as an instrument of economic competitive struggle, development of systems of safe transshipment of coal in Russia, construction of terminals, having ecology in mind, observance of ecological norms at transshipment of dangerous cargoes.

After the break, the participants of the Forum discussed ecological traction rolling stock, gas turbine locomotives, hydrogen fuel cell trains, repair and the substituion of refrigerated rolling stocks to modern refrigerants, development of rolling stock for the transport of dangerous goods, providing fire and environmental safety while transporting dangerous goods, introduction and implementation of environmental strategy at the enterprises of the industry, providing noise safety within the implementation of infrastructure projects; perculiarities of transportation of dangerous cargoes in tank-containers and so on.

According to the topics of discussion, it becomes clear that the best experts involved in the topics of the discussion of industries, public figures and scientists, heads of specialized organizations, were invited to participate in this international forum.  It is only necessary to stipulate that among the guests of the event, there was also a group of students of leading transport universities of Russia.

The list of invited organizations is also impressive, here are just a few of them:  Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Ecology and Environmental Protection, JSC "RZD", Federal Autonomous Institution " Scientific Research Institute "Center for Environmental Industrial Policy", Russian University of Transport (MIIT), St. Petersburg State University of Railways, Association of Sea Trade Ports, branch "Nomura Research Institute Ltd.» (Japan) in Moscow, "Idemitsu Kosan Co., LTD, Laboratory for Coal and Environment Research" (Japan), FGUP "Rosmorport", Federal Party Project "Ecology of Russia", Department of State Policy in the Field of Sea and River Transport, Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Association of Sea Trade Ports, Committee on Environmental Management and Ecology "SUPPORTS of Russia", Department of Labor Protection, Industrial Safety and Environmental Control, Fund "Clean Seas", Public Regional Environmental Fund "Citizen", Association of Refrigerated Rolling Stock Operators.  In addition, the Forum was attended by the representatives of companies CRRC, Siemens, Alstom Russia, NP "OPZhT", Bombardier, investment company "Sinara Group", the Council of the cluster "Russian Maglev" and by others.

Here is a comment by the representative of CJSC "String Technologies" Mikhail Krichenko, who took part in the IV International Forum "Green Logistics:  Ideas, Practice, perspectives":

"The tone to the event was set by a pronounced conflict between representatives of transport and environmental organizations:  The first complained about too strict standards, high fines, illiterate citizens who prefer more prestigious property with a look-out over the sea (i.e. "near the port") and who build a house next to the port, and then begin to complain about unfavourable ecological situation. The latter steadfastly stood on their right: the legislation has the provided norms, you knew what measures should have been taken, what requirements are imposed on the sanitary-protective zones, so, you should conform with them.

The presentation of the Japanese representatives, who shared their experience in reducing the impact of coal transshipment on the environment, was welcomed with great interest.

The presentation of the SkyWay project did not leave anyone indifferent, as it was originally created in order to minimize the negative impact of transport on the environment. Of course, there were voices of skeptics: “a beautiful fairy tale”, “we will see it in 100 years”, “too expensive, because all other types of roads are already built”, “you will be welcomed only in the North, because you shouldn’t create competition where there is already enough of everything"... But the words of support, interest, invitations to the region and regrets that it is not in Russia where the nearest plans  for the construction of Yunitskiy string transport are being implemented, prevailed.  Moreover, during the rapid approximation of ecological catastrophe, and understanding of that was demonstrated by the conference participants, there is no time to discuss half-measures.

The discussion lasted for a long time, and the Editor-in-Chief of "Russian Railways-Partner", seeing the audience's keen interest, voiced his opinion about the need to organize the discussion of the SkyWay project at the Round Table in the future, because it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the fact that nowadays, environmental issues have become crucial.  The guests of the Forum highlighted that holding of such conferences attracts public attention to solving environmental problems and, moreover, allows to move to concrete actions".

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