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The Near Future of the Far East

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The Far East in recent years has been closely watched by the leadership of Russia -the recent visit of President Vladimir Putin to Vladivostok during the Eastern Economic Forum, a separate development program approved in the same place, and the emergence of large investment projects in the region, including the ones related to thedevelopment of infrastructure,--is a confirmation of that.

"The development of the Far East is an unconditional priority for us, it is a consistent, long-term policy.  We see  in that a powerful resource for achieving those strategic goals that we set for a breakthrough development, strengthening the country's competitiveness, improving the quality of life of citizens.  The new role of the Far East as the locomotive of the domestic economy, innovations, culture, will gain strength in the coming years", Russian President Vladimir Putin noted.

One of the most important problems of the region,which experts say about, is the undeveloped or outdated transport infrastructure, which prevents agricultural producers in the Far East from increasing exports to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, which are practically bottomless food markets because of the rapidly growing population.

Naturally, SkyWay has already its solution to this problem - you can read about it inthe issue "Arguments and Facts: "Business Environment" in the Far East.

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