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Innotrans 2018: some statistic

Микроразметка статьи

During the international transport exhibition Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, the guests of the SkyWay stand were invited to participate in the survey and to evaluate the high-speed U4-362 unibus.

In the survey, which involved more than120 people from different countries, the respondents were asked to rate the following indicators on a 10-point scale: convenience of boarding/disembarking, interior comfort, design, convenience of multimedia system usage, as well as a sense of safety when in the vehicle.

Of the total number of respondents, 17% are Russian speakers, the remaining 83% are native speakers of English and German. 5% of the surveyed visitors to SkyWay stand would prefer to use the traditional modes of transport in daily life, and 38% would choose exclusively SkyWay services.

In total, the survey involved the residents of Germany, Spain, France, Britain, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Czech Republic, Albania, Switzerland, India, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Belgium, China, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Australia , Hungary, Latvia, Belarus, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Slovenia, the Netherlands.

The SkyWay company-developer, as well as 2 years ago, has managed not only to attract the attention of the public with a unique design and non-standard solutions of complex engineering problems, but also once again has received the deserved recognition at one of the major transport sites.

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