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The form for ordering certificates has been updated

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Dear Investors!

For your convenience, we have updated the order form for certificates which confirm your ownership of shares.  Now, you can order several certificates at the same time and track the movement of parcels.  

To order a certificate, follow the Instruction:

1. In your personal office, go to the"My certificates" Section. On the page, you will see a list of certificates available for order;

2. Select the certificate you want to order and click "Pay for ERSSH certificate delivery";

3. In the order form, fill in the recipient's data;

4.Then, you can add multiple certificates in one order;

5. Select the account from which the delivery fee will be deducted, enter the amount and click "Pay";

6. On the "My certificates" page, the status of the certificate will change to "Pending". Before you send your order, you can change your delivery address.  After sending, the status of the order will be changed to "Sent by post", and the tracking number will be available for you to track the parcel on the Russian post website or on another tracking site;

Important! In case the Post determines the delivery address as incorrect, you will be able to change the address to the correct one in your personal office.  Then, the status of the certificate will return to "Pending";

7. Wait for the certificate to arrive at the specified address.  After receiving the certificate, confirm its delivery in the personal office. If you have ordered several certificates, confirm the delivery of each of them.  If you do not collect the parcel from the post office within 30 days, it will be sent back.

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