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On October 13, there was held the SKY WAY CAPITAL conference in the capital of sunny and hospitable Georgia, the ancient and very beautiful city of Tbilisi.

More than 250 people from different cities of Georgia took part in this very successful event. There were more than 100 newcomers who got to know about the SkyWay technology for the first time and who had the opportunity to invest in SKY WAY CAPITAL. This fact speaks of the coordinated work of the Georgian team and the great desire to hold the event at a high level and with maximum efficiency!

At the conference, the leader of Georgia Mzia Kereselidze conducted an interesting presentation of the company, leaving no one indifferent. Board Members of the SKY WAY CAPITAL company were also delivering speeches as part of the conference agenda during the event in Tbilisi. All conference participants got the answers to their questions and saw the prospects of the successful development of the string transport technology and SKY WAY CAPITAL not only in Georgia, but throughout the world, which was especially important for the invited people. It is essential that the newcomers saw the prospect of their own financial success in cooperation with the company, which is confirmed by the large number of decisions and registrations made! The people have received a complete vision of the prospects for cooperation with the company.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank the organizers of the conference in Tbilisi David Getenadze and Mzia Kereselidze and all the participants of the event, which was held in one breath in a friendly and at the same time business atmosphere!

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