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News of SkyWay Freight Complex

Микроразметка статьи

The construction of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark objects has always aroused interest of the project partners, say nothing the news about their completion! We have been covering the course of the Yunitskiy string transport freight complex construction, and it is high time to present the object.

In the video interview, the Chief Designer of this project Dmitriy Tikhonov is telling us about the distinctive features, application and many other aspects of creation and operation of the complex, its rolling stock and the track structure.

The company's engineers used a whole set of non-standard solutions proposed by General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy in the SkyWay freight transport complex.

These solutions are designed to improve the system performance in comparison with competitors: classic conveyor belts, as an example. First of all, the unitrans is a kind of a continuous train: the loading belt moves in it on a pair of wheels on a steel rail, which increases the stability and safety of the cargo, as well as minimizes energy losses. Secondly, the unitrans uses an external drive motor, which allows to build freight complexes without restrictions on length. Thirdly, the rotary scheme of unitrans unloading makes it possible to save time on micrologistics, which on a large scale saves a lot of time, and therefore, money.

In addition, the scheme of the Skyway freight complex flyover implies that the main loads from the superstructure and rolling stock are on the anchor supports, which allows making the intermediate support light, cheap and convenient for installation without the loss of durability.  

The mining industry is among the possible areas of application of the SkyWay freight transport complex.  Delivery of bulk cargo-raw materials for metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., can be combined with other types of transportation due to the multimodality of the string transport. The SkyWay freight complex is able to optimize the logistics of industrial transportation, so this solution attracts the attention of potential customers. For example, a representative of the Argentine business community showed particular interest in the freight complex during his recent visit. Shale hydrocarbon deposits are being actively developed in this country, which requires the development of freight infrastructure.

From the video report, you will get to know about the state of affairs, related to the transport system and about the immediate plans to continue the work. The working process of the freight cargo complex was also shot by our film crew.

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