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Yunitkiy’s triada, the value of the engineering school and the experience of Wuppertal

Микроразметка статьи

There was publisheda large-scale interview with Anatoliy Yunitskiy in one of the oldest state-owned Belorussian newspapers.  In it, the General Designer of the SkyWay project speaks about the peculiarities of the new transport technology development, humanistic idea which is interconnected with the string transport, and also about its competitive advantages in comparison with other concepts of mobility:

"There is a whole range of differences, as a result of which we, for example, lowered the cost of the flyover tracks by an order of magnitude, improved the energy efficiency of our transport in comparison with a car by five-seven times.  To perform the same work, five to seven times less energy, fuel should be used.  We have eliminated practically all harmful consequences for ecology – we have no exhausts, there is no evaporation, typical for asphalt.  There is no tire wear, and the smallest particles of rubber, as well as soot, do not get into a person’s lungs.  Noise is reduced.

Thus, we provided high environmental friendliness of our transport, increased its efficiency, lowered the prime cost and travel fare. At the same time, the availability of the transport increases, as our stations will be in the city.  We can make cities completely pedestrian ones.  People will not die under the wheels of cars."

Please read the full version of the interview in the Russian language,following the link.

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