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In the November issue of the "Office Life" magazine, there appeared an interview with the Sergey Artyushevskiy,   Chief Designer of the Skyway high-speed transport complex in CJSC "String Technologies".  The high-speed unibus, the first" brainchild" of the Design Bureau, which is headed by Sergey, was presented in September at the exhibition in Berlin, and is now being prepared for the tests.

In his interview, the Chief Designer of the SkyWay high-speed transport complex spoke about the strategy for the development of the Skyway transport, the difficulties in the development of infrastructure technologies, and also commented on the state of developments of the Hyperloop competitors:

lots of fuss without any real result. It is not a very well-designed concept, primarily because the engineers are trying to achieve maximum speed by any means, and do not think about how a passenger will feel.  There is no understanding of normal centrifugal acceleration, no solutions to thermal deformation problems. And the safety of such transport is still a big question.

Sergey Artyushevskiy also spoke about the plans for the development of the high-speed transport complex:

The high-speed transport, in its turn, will connect local urban networks into one large, global system. Its speed is up to 500 km/h today, in the future this indicator will grow. In order not to disturb city dwellers, large transport hubs of the high-speed transport will be located outside the city limits, and passengers will travel to their homes (their last miles) already by SkyWay urban modules.

You can read the full version of the interview,following the link.

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