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A tourist in the Crimea, and everything is in smoke

Микроразметка статьи

TASS informsTASS that the experts of the Federal Service for Consumer Protection named the regions with the most polluted air in Russia. Among the leaders of this anti-rating are Buryatia, Khabarovsk Territory, Irkutsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kursk Region andthe Crimea.   Such informations is presented in the report of the supervisory authorit, following the results of 2017. The main reasons of pollution are the use of coal and transport load.

Victor Tarasenko, an expert on the ecological problems, President of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, Head of the Public organization "Ecology and the World", noted in his interview to the correspondent of TASS that the problem with the pollution of the air on the peninsula is connected with the increase of the transport load:

"The number of cars in the recent year has increased, the flow of tourists is also growing, and it will continue to grow further, as well as the number of buses that transport passengers.  How to deal with this?  It seems to me that it is necessary to introduce environmentally friendly modes of transport, especially in resort areas; this will reduce the gas content."

He also noted that the Crimean authorities had already been offered to launch a pilot project for the construction of the string transport using the SkyWay technology:

"This is, in fact, a monorail, which is fixed at a certain height on special flyovers, and special vehicles, unicars, are travelling on them.  They work from electricity,  the passenger capacity is up to 18 people, the vehicles develop the speed of up to 100 km/h at a distance of 300 km, "- said Tarasenko.

It should be noted that despite the difficulties in the Crimea related to the resistance of the local businesses to the introduction of the string transport,  the technology has good prospects in the region. It is not reasonable to threaten the tourist prospects of the Crimea because of the problems of air pollution, because the local nature is the most important wealth of the inhabitants of the peninsula.  The political situation is not important for SkyWay, the main thing is the environmental situation.

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