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EcoTechnoPark hosted a tour for pupils

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Pupils from Rogachev District Technical School visited the R&D centre of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in Marjina Gorka. The guests were introduced to the uST transport and infrastructure complexes and other «green» technologies of the EcoTechnoPark.

The attention of visitors was attracted by the ZIL-131 — an experimental specimen of uST transport. The children learned that this car with specially adapted wheels had once been used as a test vehicle in Ozery, Moscow Oblast. It was there that the first test site for uST technology was built.

Guests were told that EcoTechnoPark reflects the company's philosophy — creating environmentally friendly and safe transport systems. Thanks to the relocation of traffic to the second tier, the track structures do not occupy the ground.

The pupils were able to see for themselves the comfort of the unimobiles and learn that uST transport and infrastructure complexes can not only relieve traffic congestion, but also connect separated parts of the city. This is especially true when geographical conditions do not allow the use of other modes of transport.

The pupils' keen interest was aroused by uST's unmanned driving. Visiting the control room, they saw how the movement of electric rail vehicles is controlled. With the help of technical vision and various sensors, the control system reads information from the track, monitors the performance of the route task, and also independently makes a decision to reduce speed or stop.

The tour concluded with a visit to the uST Transport Museum. The guests were told how Anatoli Unitsky's technology is now being implemented in the test and demonstration centre.

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