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How can uST solutions improve the efficiency of the extractive industry?

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Unitrans – a continuous conveyor-type freight transport solution that speeds up the delivery of bulk goods and reduces its cost. Transport uST can be used in the organisation of loading and unloading terminals or incorporated into the structure of seaports. Unitrans is used in the mining, petroleum, coal, steel and construction industries.

Acting as a more efficient way of delivering minerals than self-propelled machines, unitrans can be combined with a unitruck line. This extends the possibilities when organising freight transport within industrial premises. The automated solution will enable companies with cyclic mining technology to optimise operations and increase efficiency.

Features of freight uST:

— the uST solution can be operated all year round, 24/7;

— maximum transport speed – 36 km/h;

— loading into the endless belt body is carried out from the terminal and unloading – by tilting the belt vertically.

Demonstration of container solutions is planned for 2023. According to the chief designer, once the first targeted freight line project is implemented, interest in uST technology will increase dramatically, including on the part of potential customers.

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