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uSky route projects for Sharjah

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The Unitsky Group, which includes uSky Transport, has prepared several practical applications for uSky Transport & Infrastructure in Sharjah for the best economic and social development of the city.

First project. The «Aljada — Airport — Sharjah Mosque — University» ring line with a total length of 38 km will have 11 stations and be served by 122 uBus buses with a capacity of 16 passengers each. At an average speed of 88 km/h, uBus will need 30 minutes to cover the entire circular route with all stops. In rush hour, this uSky complex will provide service for up to 10,000 passengers per hour.

The uSky route will make it easier for people to move around the city, reducing both congestion and traffic. This will benefit residents and visitors to Sharjah by making the city more attractive for living and doing business.

The uSky route can improve social inclusion by making transport more accessible to all the residents, especially for those who cannot afford a private car. This will help decrease inequality and improve the well-being of people in the city.

Second project. A 45 km long road that connects Aljada and Sharjah Safari via the airport and Al Rahmaniya. After the construction of more 9 km of track, residents and visitors to the city will be able to travel to the seaside. This route will be served by 43 electric uBuses with an average speed of 122 kph, which will allow to travel safely from one terminus to the other in just 20 minutes.

The environmental benefits of this route — reducing the carbon footprint through comfortable and fast public transport. As a result, Sharjah will have improved air quality and reduced traffic-related emissions.

The uSky track will become an affordable and convenient means of transport for residents who do not have a car or cannot use taxi. This will improve social inclusion and help reduce inequality by providing convenient and affordable urban transport.

Third project. The longest and most complex, as it connects the two seacoasts of Sharjah through the mountains. It operates between Tilal City and Kalba, stopping at Al Dhaid, Sharjah Safari and Sifuni. The total route length is 106 km, will be served by 103 uBuses. With an average speed of 140 kph, the ride from one coast to the other can take as little as 45 minutes.

The uSky circuit will help boost tourism in Sharjah on two seacoasts by providing visitors with a comfortable, economical and reliable means of transportation. This will attract more tourists to the city, as well as boost local economy and create new jobs.

Fourth project. Passenger-and-freight route that starts from Hamriyah Port and runs through Hamriyah Free Zone, Emirates Industrial City to the Sharjah Inland Container Facility. The 45 km route will be served by 89 uBuses and the necessary number of uTrucks. One uTruck with payload of 5 tons is capable of transporting 170 tons of cargo per day in two directions along this route.

Sharjah is an important trading hub in the region, so this new freight transport system will make it easier to transport goods around the city and to other regions of the UAE. The result will be an increase in the commercial and economic activity of the city.

Introduction of the uSky freight transport system will lead to reduction of trucks on the roads, resulting in reduction of accident risk for all road users, safety will increase.

Unitsky Group Company professionals will continue to develop projects of possible routes, both for Sharjah and for the entire region as a whole, having greater contribution to its prosperity and development in mind.

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