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Anatoli Unitsky on technology creation processes, the innovation market and the prospects for uST technologies

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The SWC team carried out a long interview with Anatoli Unitsky, General Designer of String Technologies Inc. and author of uST technology. In it, Anatoli Eduardovich spoke in detail about the company's development stages, income and the project team.

In addition, Anatoli Unitsky reported on which areas of UST Inc. are developing as actively as possible, how the company's strategy is changing taking into account the economic crisis and what the company focuses on for successful market entry and commercialization of technology.

«…We believe that the coming crisis will only increase states' demand for new and more efficient not only transport, but transport and infrastructure solutions, and the word “infrastructure” is even more important than the word “transport”. This is exactly what we propose. The crisis is more likely to hit existing industries — plants, factories, car manufacturers, because the purchasing power of the population will drop significantly. But the demand for technology related to the logistics construction and spatial development of territories, countries and continents will only increase, which is what will ensure the success of our string transport. We are already seeing this trend — the demand for the technology is only increasing year by year, especially in recent times. And we are ready to provide the world's best uST transport and infrastructure technology to all our customers» — noted Anatoli Unitsky.

You can read about these and other topics in the interview at the link. Go to the material page, read on and gain new knowledge and a boost of motivation from the project's thought leader, Anatoli Unitsky.

You can watch the full video of the interview below:

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