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What does the forthcoming Ecofest have in store for us?

Микроразметка статьи

The engineer told us about what the project has in store for the guests at the landmark EcoFest: what the visitors will get to know and see, how things are going with the first projects, about the course of negotiations with major partners and much more. Among the highlights of Anatoliy Yunitskiy's speech, there is some information about the possible intensification of work on the creation of the transport systems based on SkyWay, capable of accelerating to a speed of 1,250 km/h; and also about the construction of the high-speed complex which is likely to be carried out outside Belarus, where the SkyWay EcoTehnoPark is. In addition, in the interview, there is a series of discussions of a general plan about the market, competition and business ability to guess the viable trends in technology development. At the end of the video interview, you will be even able to see  some fragments about a few new products, which are being  implemented within the framework of the SkyWay project. Among them, you are likely to see the drone, the carrying capacity of which should reach 1.5 tons.

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