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The guests from South America

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Recently, the representatives of the Nueva Lima project from Peru, led by its President Claudio Alejandro Zolla Suárez , came as guests to the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. The goal of the project is to create an ecological and technological city which meets modern requirements 120 kilometers from the Peruvian capital.

The city of Nuevo Lima, the construction of which is being carried out by Zolla S.A.C., will consist of different zones, divided by purpose: residential, industrial, commercial and entertainment ones. The concept of Nueva Lima implies the creation of an urban environment that does not harm nature, while providing a high quality of life for citizens.

SkyWay for the Nueva Lima project is an opportunity to create transport arteries of communication both inside the new city and outside of it. The use of the string transport can determine the development strategy of Nueva Lima as a linear city, the functioning of which is provided and largely determined by the SkyWay innovative transport system .

For reference: Claudio Alejandro Zolla Suárez is an influential businessman, pastor, TV presenter and politician who recently launched the presidential campaign from the political party Perú Nuevo.

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