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SkyWay Freight Complexes

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The Ecofest 2018. The work of the SkyWay unique freight transport complex has been presented in the territory of the SkyWay test and demonstration centre. 

The transport complex is a flyover structure, consisting of three sections:

- 150-metre long rectilinear flyover with a height of up to 3 metres off the ground surface up to the upper belt of the span truss structure, which is a pre-stressed spatial continuous metal truss of up to 2.0 metres high with two anchor supports at the ends and intermediate supports in the spans.  The span length between the supports is 50 metres.

- Two circular 285-metre non-stressed sections.  The span structure is a 2-metre in height metal truss on metal supports, the span length between the supports is 15 metres. The metal platforms with sheds for loading and unloading/reloading terminals are installed on the circular sections.

There is a conveyor belt on the flyover.

A loading terminal is a metal shed with a storage bunker for loading onto the conveyor belt.

The unloading terminal is a metal shed with a tilting device for unloading bulk materials from the conveyor belt into a moving vehicle: a freight unicar.

The maximum mass, speed and chassis bogie of the freight unicar are completely unified with the passenger transport, as it is made on the basis of suspended urban passenger unibuses.

The bodies of the freight unicar are offered in different versions: for  piece cargo placed on euro pallets, for bulk and liquid cargo.

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