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Students of the American University of Sharjah have highly appreciated the uSky technology

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The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park hosted a group of students from the American University of Sharjah. Representatives from uSky Transport presented the uSky technology to young professionals.

As part of the presentation, the students got to know more about the uSky Technology and looked at the high-speed uFlash, the freight uCont as well as the certified tropical uCar U4-430, which recently added to the range of electric vehicles tested. Visitors to SRTI Park can now take the uCar U4-430 for a test ride at the uSky Testing and Certification Centre to see for themselves the reliability, comfort and safety of the latest vehicle.

The representatives of uSky Transport, paid a great deal of attention to the ideological justification of the project. The guests were made aware of the company's commitment to intelligent solutions within the framework of sustainable development. As they are the ones who contribute to access to education, medicine and other important areas of life.

Highly efficient and environmentally friendly uSky electric vehicles increase the safety of high-speed transport as the rolling stock is high above the ground. This eliminates the possibility of collision with other objects and vehicles. In addition, the uSku vehicles' certification, which is compulsory for registration with the authorities, ensures maximum compliance with modern safety standards.

The uSky Transport has currently a range of certified and technologically advanced elements of the transport systems that enable it to meet the diverse needs of urban and intercity passenger and cargo transportation.

The main commercial advantage of the uSky transport and infrastructure complexes is significantly reduced construction and operating costs combined with environmental friendliness and increased safety. Especially when compared to traditional ground and overground transport.

The audience at the presentation was impressed with the new information and did not hesitate to ask questions to the uSky Transport representatives. In particular, the young technicians were asked if they could get an apprenticeship at the uSky Testing and Certification Centre.

With active partnerships with higher education institutions around the world, uSky Transport is pleased to attract future professionals from various fields of science for internships at the uSky Testing and Certification Centre. The Centre shares its expertise and inspires talented people to create promising new technologies.

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