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The battle for the market: SkyWay Arsenal

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SkyWay is entering the transport market in a step-by-step manner. General Designer Anatoliy Yunitskiy announced a number of decisive steps in his report at the EcoFest 2018. The determining factors are the leadership and  professionalism, the perfection of the interactions in the team and the maximum readiness of the technological base, as well as the availability of the integrated environment for the design, construction and management, which is able to provide scalability of the technology and remote coordination of all elements of the system in online mode.

This is provided in the company by a set of industry 4.0 tools, used by the worldwide industry leaders such as Boeing, Honda, Space-X, BMW and others. The capabilities of the toolbox were presented to the investors and guests of the  EcoFest 2018 on the example of unicar U-4-430-T3, which is one of the latest SkyWay developments, created on a digital platform 3DExperience.

The creation of Unicar - U4-430-T3 consists of the following stages:

- collection and analysis of information, formation of technical specifications, design development and schematic design;

- preliminary calculations and 3D modelling, design drawings for the created models;

- ergonomics testing, simulation of operational situations and workloads in virtualized environment;

- launching of technical documentation, models and drawings into production;

- manufacturing;

- production quality control of the product;

- assembly and installation with high accuracy;

- testing, approval and certification of the vehicle's parts and components.

The 3DExperience platform enables all participants to amend the project at any stage of its implementation in the development process in real time.

The data, obtained from the systems of the vehicle during its operation, is recorded in the specialized information system and provides the ability to monitor the technical condition, and to develop regulations for its maintenance.

Modern digital platforms of development and design, automated production lines and highly qualified staff are the basis for the development of the transport technologies of new generation, which are entering the battle for the leading positions in the international market of transport services.

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