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DTA Maritime founders have been introduced to the UST Inc. technology

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Mr Muhammad Tahir Lakhani and Mr Muhammad Ali Lakhani, owners of DTA Maritime (Dubai Trading Agency Maritime), have visited Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in Sharjah. The company provides logistics, technology and information solutions for maritime transport.

During the tour of the Centre, the businessmen were shown a high-speed model of the string vehicle, which has seating for six passengers and can reach speeds of up to 500km/h. The vehicle was first unveiled at Innotrans in Berlin in 2018 and is now on display in Sharjah in the framework of EXPO 2020.

The guests also visited the dispatch station, where they were shown the UST Inc. software that allows to monitor transport operations. The delegates then took a test drive on the certified tropical Unicar to see for themselves the safety and reliability of the technology.

DTA Maritime's activities are related to cargo transportation, so representatives of the company paid special attention to UST Inc.'s cargo solutions. The guests were presented to Unicont. This model of transport is capable of transporting 20- and 40- containers at a speed of up to 100 km/h without a driver. Unicont is suitable for use in logistics centres, sea and river ports and for mining operations in a variety of climatic conditions.

In addition, the businessmen visited the EcoHouse, where they saw a mock-up of the linear city of UST Inc.

As with past visitors to the Centre from Colombia, Brazil, Lesotho, Rwanda, UAE, Russia, Pakistan and other countries, the guests from Dubai highly appreciated what they saw and left positive feedback in the Guest Book.

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