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Ecology, AI, tunnels and transport futurism

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The international exhibition Innotrans is one of the major events of the transport industry. This year, 130 world premieres in the field of transport technology, which is a great number of novelties, is expected to be presented at the exhibition.

Among the exhibits, there will be new designs of rolling stock on rails and without rails, innovative wagons for container transport, passenger carriages, regional trains, double-decker carriages, trams, trains and equipment for metro; maintenance trains, the rolling stock for tunnel cleaning, repair and excavator trains, hybrid locomotives and motor-carriage trains and much more.

Such companies as Stadler, Siemens, Alstom, CRRC, Skoda, and Hitachi will be presented at Innotranse 2018. The exhibition will show the innovations and concepts of the companies from 60 countries all in all: from Egypt, Bahrain and Malaysia to Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

As previously announced, the SkyWay rolling stock: high- speed unibusand 18-seat unicar will be demonstrated at the Innotrance 2018. At this exhibition, the string transport will be placed among the innovative projects:  the last time, the company unveiled its vision for the future in Mobility Vision Lab, alongside with such projects as Hyperloop, Moon and NEXT.

Innotrans determines the main trends, and judging by the numerous press releases from the participants, as well as  the statements from the SkyWay leadership, the company will reflect all the current trends of the transport industry, which we are going to tell you more about.

Ecology and electricity

Worldwide, the developments in the field of electric vehicle attract a lot of attention. A new round of development of the electric vehicles is due to the fact that the recent developments in the field of electronics and energy made it a profitable and environmentally safe one. Quite naturally, this trend is reflected at Innotrans the visitors will find a lot of new samples of equipment running on electricity, from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and other countries' manufacturers.

The SkyWay Transport system is built on the principle of maximum environmental friendliness, and the use of renewable energy sources is integrated into the very architecture of the string tracks. The SkyWay electric rolling stock not only helps save the environment, but also saves energy due to the excellent aerodynamic performance, efficient motors and high efficiency ligament of "steel wheel-steel rail", much superior to all existing alternatives – from pneumatic tyres to magnetic levitation.

Artificial intelligence and information technology

Many exhibitors announced the presentation of innovations associated with the digitalization of transport. For example, INIT, which is one of the major IT-companies, engaged in the services of selling tickets, will show its project on simplification of selling fare. Another important aspect of integration of information technology in transport is the use of artificial intelligence. On the background of active development of this direction in the automotive industry, it seems logical that AI is entering the railway transport. Siemens will show its unmanned tram at Innotrans,  – however, while the system is operating in test mode, there should be spent more time on checking and refining the algorithms.

The string transport works in "hothouse conditions" of the second level, where the modules do not need to take into account the movement of other vehicles that are managed by a person and not by automation. However, the automated control system is still needed, it will reduce operational costs, increase control precision and get rid of the human factor. In addition, the collection and analysis of data about the work and condition of SkyWay transport, will allow the control system to self-learn.

Tunnels and infrastructure development

The tunnels will be devoted the whole segment at Innotrans 2018. There will be presented the novelties of the industry: engineering solutions, geographic information systems, appliances, and more. Attention to this area may be due to the fact that there is a need to look for a new dimension – under the earth surface or above it, as new types of transport and increasing traffic are at the same level of infrastructure development.

SkyWay has chosen the flyover transport of the second level  from the beginning: thanks to the innovations in infrastructure construction, the string roads are not inferior to road tunnels safety and capacity, and the price is even cheaper. In addition, at the current stage, there is being carried out the work on creation of underground and even underwater version of SkyWay – Hyper-U – the infrastructure for which will be built using special technology, with several innovative solutions and know-how included. The additional benefits of this system will be due to forevacuum, which reduces the resistance of the environ and which will be present and maintained in the system.

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