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New achievements of SWC's partners in the Dominican Republic

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Some good news comes to us from the Dominican Republic. The partners of this country have opened a new office to work with potential clients, appeared on television and held a meeting with local entrepreneurs. Read more in our material.

New office in Santo Domingo

The office was opened in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. This is the second such event for the city. Like last time, the initiative was spearheaded by Olga Veronica Serohvostova, SWC's Curator in the Dominican Republic.

The office will make it possible to disseminate information about the string project more effectively, explaining the terms of investment and helping potential customers with their personal offices. The premises are equipped with a call centre and a presentation room for this purpose.

The office is headed by Giolivil Sanchez, who is known in the Dominican Republic as an active participant in the charity organization Capellanes Unidos Internacionales. Giolivil's deputy is Paola Cañas.

We remind you that the first office in Santo Domingo was opened in September last year. In the future, the Dominican Republic's partners plan to open 15 more sites across the country.

The address of the new office is at: calle 2, Res. Ámbar Marina 6, Santo Domingo Este. The phone number of the Director of Customer Relations Paola Cañas is 809 506 072.

Appearance on television

Thanks to the active work of the partners, the technology of the string transport is attracting more and more attention from the media in the Dominican Republic. For example, at the invitation of the journalist Junior Espinosa, Olga Veronika Serokhvostova gave a detailed interview about the work of the Community on the air of the evening program Serrando La Noch.

Together with Olga, Giolivil Sanchez also spoke during the program, sharing his impressions of the trip to the Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. Testing and Certification Center in Sharjah. According to the partner, he is confident in the success of the project and the talent of its founder Anatoli Unitskiy.

Meeting with entrepreneurs

Another important event is the meeting of our partners with the entrepreneurs of Santo Domingo. On the SWC's side, Olga Veronica Serohvostova and Davis Brito, UN representative and active SWC leader in the Dominican Republic, participated in the event.

At the meeting, the entrepreneurs received answers to their questions about security, prospects and the legal side of investing. As a result, four participants have already contributed to the development of the project. In addition, the parties reached an agreement, according to which the entrepreneurs will support the development of the string transport in the Dominican Republic.

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