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Meed on promising projects of Unitsky String Technologies

Микроразметка статьи

The Arabic edition of Meed has released another material devoted to Unitsky String Technologies. This time, the journalists focused on the company's upcoming projects.

The authors report that Unitsky String Technologies is currently participating in the Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA) tender. Other bidders include companies from China, the USA, Israel and France. However, according to Anatoli Unitsky, the advantage is on the side of the string transport:

«We hope to win. As far as I can tell, we offer the best solution for Dubai, but it is up to them to decide».

At the same time, a 130-km-long track project is under consideration to connect Sharjah to the coastal city of Khor Fakkan. Journalists have noted that Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah, is himself interested in the project.

In addition to the Arab Emirates, Unitsky String Technologies is also in talks to build string tracks with neighbouring countries Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Possible projects are also being discussed with Vietnam, Indonesia, India, France, Sweden, Mexico and Ecuador.

In conclusion, we should highlight that Unitsky String Technologies Testing and Certification Centre in Sharjah has recently hosted delegations from Colombia, Switzerland, the Kingdom of Lesotho and Brazil. This confirms the international interest in the project once again.

Read the Meed in the original at the link pdf document.

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