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An article about the SkyWay transport gas been published in the Korean media Chosun Biz

Микроразметка статьи

On the website of the Korean business media Chosun Biz there has been released the material on the topic of aboveground mobility. The journalists devoted most of the article to the SkyWay project. We are sharing the highlights from the story.

The authors of Chosun Biz noted the similarity of the SkyWay transport with a cableway. However, this comparison is not entirely correct. On the cableway, the cable moves along with the transport. Whereas in SkyWay, vehicles move along a static rail due to on-board electric motors. Thanks to this design, the string transport can move above the ground, like a cableway, but at the same time, develop a high speed ‒ up to 150 km/h in the city and up to 500 km/h outside it.

In addition to the speed, the journalists of the Korean edition noted other features of the technology. For example, the article mentions that the urban SkyWay network is capable of transporting 10,000 passengers per hour. In its turn, the SkyWay cargo transport can hold up to 48 tons and move at a speed of 90 km/h.

The article also explains why the United Arab Emirates is interested in developing the string transport. We remind you that the UST, Inc.Centre is currently being built there. According to the publication, one of the main reasons for the attention to the project is the solution of road problems in the region. In addition, the authors of Chosun Biz suggested that another reason may be related to the cheapness of the construction of SkyWay tracks compared to metro.

The journalists concluded by quoting a representative of the UST Centre, Inc. who shared the project's development plans:

«We will move forward not only in the UAE, but also in other regions of the Middle East and Asia, for example, in India and Pakistan, where the population is growing rapidly».

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