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Journalist Ronak Kotecha about SkyWay transport in Sharjah

Микроразметка статьи

On professional journalist Ronak Kotecha's YouTube channel, there has been released a reportage from the UST Inc. Centre in Sharjah. We are sharing the highlights from this video.

In the video, Ronak demonstrated the interior of the 400-metre track boarding station, showed a mock-up of the linear city in the EcoHouse and took a ride in the tropical Unicar. In addition, the journalist talked to a representative of the Centre about the implementation of the string transport technology in cities.

According to the spokesperson, the first contract for the commercial SkyWay project will have been concluded by the end of 2021. The comstruction of this project is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

Ronak pointed out a few more interesting facts in the video description. For example, the journalist noted that the 4-seat Unicar now accelerates to 50 km/h during the tests and covers the 400-metre track in one minute.

About the author

Ronak Kotecha is a journalist with 14-year experience. He has worked for Times Now, NewsX, Zoom and Radio City. Ronak has also been a correspondent for BBC India and hosted news on Radio 4. The journalist has 129,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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