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A Meeting of SWC Representatives with the UST, Inc. Management in Belarus

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On 17 and 19 July, there were held meetings between SWC and the management of SkyWay company developer Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. in Maryina Gorka and Minsk. Vladimir Maslov, Frantisek Solar and Vladislav Volkov represented SWC, while UST, Inc. was represented by General Designer and Chairman of the Board of Directors Anatoli Unitsky and Chief Executive Officer Nadezhda Kosareva.

The parties discussed the prospects of preparing SkyWay pilot projects in the regions of Russia, Vietnam, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. The meetings also dealt with a number of organisational and legal issues regarding the future work.


As a reminder: this spring, Vladimir Maslov and Frantisek Solar returned from a business trip to Vietnam, where they met with representatives of many Vietnamese companies interested in SkyWay development in their country.

For more details on how the meetings in Belarus took place, see the photo report:

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